The storm has now passed the british islands and the channel, and now is lingering just off the E of GB with 975hpa in its center. We will keep you updated.


Current list of Storm stations of the German weather service (DWD)

Extreme hurricane forced gusts:

  • Brocken

Hurricane forced gusts:

  • Zugspitze

Strong storm gusts:

  • Wasserkuppe
  • Fichtelberg
  • Feldberg

Storm gusts

  • (MILK Berlin Steglitz)
  • Helgoland
  • Norderney
  • Düsseldorf (AP)
  • Kahler Asten
  • Aachen
  • Köln/Bonn (AP)
  • Hahn (AP)
  • Großer Arber



MILK Berlin Steglitz station on official weather measuring net:

Current Germany-wide peak: 159kmh on the Brocken mountain. The M.I.L.K. station in Berlin Steglitz is currently in the group of the top 4 most windy stations in Germany (there are several most windy and 2nd most windy stations as well). Gusts of 8bft are registered here. The MILK station is the only private station in the top 4. Top three windiest stations:

Windiest: 12bft: Bocken,  Zugspitze, 11bft: Feldberg Fichtelberg Wasserkuppe, 10bft: Aachen, Kaler Asten, Düsseldorf (airport) 9bft: Includes MILK Berlin Steglitz


08:15UTC Currently it is still “the calm before the storm” on Norderney – the wind is picking up, but the waves are still relatively small. In Berlin there currently are gusts of around 8bft.

Live image from Norderney


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