Weather for today

Today it will be quite cloudy and rainy in all of central Europe, however especially in N Germany it will rain most of the day. iN the afternoon, thunderstorms are possible in nearly all of central Europe, but see the convective forecast for an assessment of the risk due to the thunderstorms.

During the thunderstorms, locally there could be a lot of rain, however, no flooding nor flas flooding or severe ammounts of rain are forecast.

The minimum temperatures:

  • Switzerland -2°C (Alps) to 5°C (lower areas)
  • Austria -2°C (Alps) to 6°C (lower areas)
  • Germany -0°C (South) to 10°C (central North)

The maximum temperatures:

  • Austria 1°C (Alps) to 20°C (lower areas)
  • Switzerland 0°C (Alps) to 19°C (far NE)
  • Germany 11°C (baltic coast) to 20°C (center)

There might be some windy gusts at the coasts of the north and the baltic sea.