2018.02.09 – ESC European Windstorm Update: Storm ONDRA headed for Iceland, UK, Ireland

In today’s ESC European Windstorm Update, the overall situation in Europe is rather calm. There is currently only one storm system that is being tracked.

Storm ONDRA is currently located out over the North Sea, with a central pressure of 974hPa. Peak gusts in the storm are currently estimated to exceed 120km/h, classifying it as a “severe storm”. The storm is expected to head roughly east or northeast, with the most severe gusts in the next 24 hours to be expected on the islands of the North Sea and in Iceland (in that order). Storm gusts are also to be expected in much of Ireland and the UK within the next 24 hours.
A separate low-pressure system is expected to form roughly around the English Channel between 24 and 36 hours from now, which will bring storm gusts or even severe storm gusts to the coasts of Belgium, the Netherlands, the German North Sea coast, Denmark, and Norway. Storm Watches have been issued accordingly. See below.

Below are the ESC European Windstorm Overview, as well as the European Windstorm Warnings & Watches.