2018.01.18 – Severe Storm FRIEDERIKE Summary

Severe Storm FRIEDERIKE (Orkan Friederike) moved through the Benelux and over Germany today, and is now moving into Poland and the Czech Republic. As predicted, the storm intensified over the North Sea after it crossed the British Isles, however it intensified more than was predicted by most forecast models.
As of now, between 3 and 5 people are reported dead because of the storm.
In Germany, all long-distance trains were canceled and in some regions, all train service was terminated.
The Amsterdam Schiphol airport in the Netherlands canceled all flights due to the severe wind; this and the impact of the storm on other flight operations caused significant delays and cancellations throughout Europe.
Countless trucks were overturned, trees were uprooted and buildings damaged; there is currently no reliable figure as to the approximate amount of damage.

Peak gusts of Orkan Friederike (between 00 and 19:00 UTC):
205km/h – Brocken (Mountain), Germany
174km/h – Fichtelberg (Mountain), Germany
165km/h – Pilatus (Mountain), Switzerland
159km/h – Cap Corse, France
158km/h – Zugspitze (Mountain), France
156km/h – Säntis (Mountain), Switzerland
155km/h – Milesovka (Mountain), Czech Republic
154km/h – Jungraujoch (Mountain), Switzerland
148km/h – Feuerkogel (Mountain), Austria
144km/h – Hoek Van Holland, Netherlands
144km/h – Kahler Asten (Mountain), Germany

Peak gusts of Orkan Friederike, registered <600m above sea level:
159km/h – Cap Corse, France
144km/h – Hoek Van Holland, Netherlands
141km/h – Capel Curig, UK
141km/h – Ile Rousse, France
137km/h – Gera/Leumnitz, Germany
135km/h – Weinbiet/Pfalz, Germany
130km/h – Erfurt/Bindersleben, Germany
128km/h – Leipzig/Halle, Germany
126km/h – Aberdaron, UK
126km/h – Le Goeree, Netherlands
126km/h – Ahaus, Germany
126km/h – Münster/Osnabrück Flughafen, Germany
126km/h – Bückeburg, Germany
126km/h – Niederrhein/Flughafen, Germany