2018.01.05 – ESC European Windstorm Update: The Calm after the Storm

Storm BURGLIND, which dominated Central European weather for the past few days, has moved off and dissipated into little more than a slight atmospheric depression. Storm gusts persisted, however, especially in the Alps, where peak gusts of close to 150km/h have been registered today thanks to a storm located in the North Sea and named CHRISTINE. The storm has a central pressure of 983 hPa, however is expected to weaken and not be a significant threat to any region. Nonetheless, a storm warning has been issued for the coasts of Germany and the Netherlands, and a storm watch has been issued for much of central Europe.
A second storm is currently located over the northern Atlantic; storm ALJA, at a central pressure of 995 hPa. Peak gusts in this system currently exceed 130km/h, however the storm is expected to lose force and not post a significant threat to the British Isles.
Also of note: A storm warning has been issued for the islands of the North Sea, as stormy conditions are expected there today, and Iceland has been placed under a storm watch for the possibility of increased wind speeds between 24 and 36 hours from now.

Below you will find the European Windstorm Overview, as well as the issued storm warnings & watches.