2017.11.21 – ESC European Windstorm Update: Strong Windstorm headed for UK; Watches issued

Though the situation is overall calm in most of Europe, a low-pressure system lingering over the northern Atlantic is expected to bring some stormy and potentially hazardous conditions to the UK and the northern coasts of western Europe soon.

The low pressure system currently has a central pressure of 987hPa, and peak gusts are currently at only around 80km/h. However, over the course of the coming night a well-defined storm field is expected to form, which will then move northeastwards along the English Channel on Wednesday. In much of the UK, peak gusts of over 100km/h, sometimes over 120km/h, are to be expected. Southeastern Ireland as well as parts of the French coast may also be impacted by hurricane-forced gusts. Severe storm watches have been issued accordingly on the maps below.
Storm gusts are also expected along the coasts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and in Denmark as well as the southwestern coast of Norway. A storm watch has been issued for these areas.
As generally stormy conditions persist in much of the Northern Atlantic, storm gusts are also expected to continue in Iceland, with a storm warning having been issued.

Below you will find the ESC European Windstorm Overview, as well as the windstorm warnings and watches.