2017.10.22 – ESC European Windstorm Center Overview / Warnings / Watches: Massive Storm over the Atlantic

Forecaster: LH

A massive storm, named “FLORENZ”, is currently located out over the northern Atlantic. At the latest analysis (12 UTC), the storm was packing gusts of over 120km/h and had an impressive central pressure of only 946 hPa. For now, the storm is expected to continue moving roughly to the east, and in the second half of the day tomorrow will start heading to the northeast.

A storm warning has been issued for Iceland as well as the islands of the North Sea; storm gusts are to be expected in these areas within the next 24 hours. A storm watch has further been issued for the island of Ireland and parts of the Norwegian coast. There are still uncertainties, however the possibility is given that storm gusts may reach these areas between 24 and 48 hours from now.

Below you will find the ESC Overview, Warnings & Watches, and the satellite image, giving you a comprehensive overview of all the ongoing European Windstorms: