2017.09.28 – ESC European Windstorm Overview: Storm VICTOR set to miss most of UK, Ireland

Severe storm VICTOR is currently located to the west of Ireland. The storm is packing peak gusts of over 130km/h and has a central pressure of 974hPa, according to the 00UTC analysis of the UK Met Office. The storm has crossed the Atlantic towards the east, however it looks like it will be deflected by the general high pressure over mainland Europe and will miss most of the UK and Ireland.

However, a storm warning has been issued for the northern and northwestern coasts of both the UK and Ireland, as it is likely that storm gusts will take place there as the storm passes to the north throughout the coming 24 hours. A storm watch has been issued for Iceland, as there is uncertainty as to where and how strong the wind field of VICTOR will be in 24 to 48 hours. A storm warning has also been issued for the islands of the North Sea, as generally windy conditions caused by the overall location of highs and lows over Europe will continue.

Below are the European Windstorm Overview, Warnings & Watches, and Satellite maps: