2016.12.22 – ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

This is the ESC European Windstorm Overview, issued at 1300UTC on the 22.12.2016

There are currently two storm systems in the region.

A nameless storm is located near Iceland, ¬†currently causing windy weather over the UK and in the mountains of Norway. It is, however, expected to weaken so much that it will not be considered a “storm” by ESC within the next 12 to 24 hours.

Storm ANTJE is located off the coast of Canada and will move across the northern Atlantic in the coming 24 hours, reaching Ireland and the NW of the UK towards the end of the 24-hour forecast period. Therefore, storm warnings have been issued for those regions. A severe storm watch has been issued for the North Sea Islands and a regular storm warning was issued for Iceland. The storm will then continue to move further towards Europe, making a storm warning necessary for the coast of Norway as well as parts of central Europe – the Netherlands, northwestern Germany, and Denmark. Warnings were also issued for the islands in the Baltic and some coastal areas in the Baltic States and in Finland.

Below are the ESC Overview, as well as the warnings and watches maps.

Red: Storm warning (>70km/h likely within 24h)

Orange: Severe storm watch (>120km/h possible within 48h)

Yellow: Storm watch (>70km/h possible within 24h)