2016.12.14 – ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

This is the ESC European Windstorm Overview, issued 2016.12.14 at 1630UTC.

There are currently two storm systems in the regions.

Severe storm XENIA is located to the southeast of Iceland with a central pressure of 973hPa and peak gusts exceeding 130km/h. It is currently affecting Iceland, the North Sea Islands and possibly the coast of Norway. The storm is expected to weaken and ultimately dissipate as it moves in a northerly direction and away from land masses. Due to uncertainties in the size of XENIA’s storm field, a storm watch has been issued for the coast of Norway.

A nameless severe storm is located over the central northern Atlantic, with a central pressure of only 959hPa and peak gusts exceeding the impressive value of 160km/h. It is forecast to move further to the northeast but weaken on the way. Iceland should nonetheless brace for gusts above 110km/h from this storm within the 24-48hours. Due to the possibility of storm gusts in northwestern Ireland and the northwestern UK, a storm watch has been issued for those regions as well.

Below are the ESC Overview- as well as the Warnings and Watches Maps.