2016.12.12 – ESC European Windstorm Overview

This is the ESC European Windstorm Overview, issued 12.12.2016 at 1630UTC.

There are currently two storm systems in the region.

Storm WALTRAUD is located at the northeastern tip of Iceland, currently with a central pressure of 980hPa and peak gusts exceeding 115km/h. The storm is currently affecting Iceland, hence a storm warning has been issued for that island. No other land masses are expected to be in WALTRAUD’s storm field within the forecast period.

A nameless severe storm is located over the northern Atlantic, moving to the north. It currently has a central pressure of 960hPa and peak gusts exceeding 140km/h. Its storm field is expected to extend over Iceland, Ireland, the UK and the North Sea islands within the 48-hour forecast period needed for a watch to be issued.

Below are the ESC European Storm Overview and Warnings / Watches maps: