2016.12.07 – ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

This is the ESC European Windstorm Overview, Issued at 1500UTC on the 07th of December, 2016.

There is currently 1 storm system in the region.

Storm UTE is located to the north of the British Isles with a central pressure of 994hPa and gusts exceeding 105km/h in its storm field. It is currently affecting both the UK and Ireland, hence a storm warning has been issued for these two countries. A storm warning has also been issued for the North Sea islands, where the storm field is expected to move within the next 24 hours. UTE is then predicted to move further to the east, affecting the coasts of southern Scandinavia and the Baltic coasts as soon as within 36 hours; due to uncertainties in timing and intensity of the storm field, a storm watch has been issued. The storm field is then expected to stretch southeast through eastern Europe towards the end of the 48-hour forecast period; a storm watch has been issued for those regions as well. Peak gusts of storm UTE today:
166km/h – Cairngorn Mountains, UK
135km/h – Aonach Mor, UK
128km/h – Bealach Na Ba No 2, UK

Below are the ESC Overview, as well as the Warnings and Watches map: