2016.11.25 – ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

This is the ESC European windstorm overview, issued at 17:00UTC on November 25th, 2016.

There are currently two systems in the region.

Storm RENATE is currently located to the northeast of Iceland, with a central pressure of 981hPa at the last, 12UTC, analysis. Peak gusts currently exceed 110km/h, with the highest wind speeds currently over the North Sea as well as north of Iceland and along the coast of Greenland. The storm is already affecting Norway, but is forecast to move towards the east over the next 24 hours, and most of Scandinavia will be affected by RENATE’s storm field within this time, hence storm warnings have been issued for the North Sea Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the coasts of some Baltic nations (see the warnings map below for details). Here are the peak gusts measured in relation to RENATE today:
148km/h – Juvvasshoe, Norway
117km/h – Ona Li, Norway
108km/h – Krakenes, Norway

A second, nameless storm is currently located over the northern Atlantic. Peak gusts in this system exceed 105km/h at this time, and the central pressure is 990hPa. The storm is expected to move towards the north and strengthen, and in a time period between 24 and 48 hours from now is affected to affect Iceland with its storm field, hence a storm warning has been issued for the island. Peak gusts may exceed 100km/h in Iceland when the storm strikes.


This is the ESC European windstorm outlook, issued at 17:00UTC on November 25th, 2016.

(For the time period up to T+48h please refer to the ESC European windstorm overview).

The second half of Sunday will be fairly calm, except for a storm field over the Baltic with peak gusts exceeding 95km/h and possibly windy conditions especially on the northwestern coast of Iceland.
No significant storm systems are expected for Monday as of now, although along the northern edge of a high-pressure area located over the North Sea there will be an area of increased wind speeds, possibly with some gusts over 80km/h affecting some North Sea Islands.
On Tuesday, a low pressure system is expected to form near Iceland, which is forecast to quickly intensify and start moving to the east. By 18UTC, ESC expects the system to pack peak gusts of over 125km/h and may affect the coast of Norway. At the same time, storm gusts are expected over the northern Atlantic between the low pressure near Iceland and the higher pressure further south, with gusts exceeding 120km/h.
On Wednesday, this storm field is expected to move across the UK and into the North Sea. The north of the UK should be ready for gusts over 105km/h, the coast of Norway may experience gusts over 110km/h a few hours later. The second storm, moving east from Iceland, will merge with an area of lower pressure already located over Scandinavia and so contribute to the large storm field over the UK and into the North Sea. In the evening, the storm field is forecast to move on to affect the south of Scandinavia, Denmark as well as northern Germany and Poland. Peak gusts over 110km/h are to be expected.
For Thursday, the storm system is expected to affect much of central Europe all the way south to Slovenia; most of central Europe, including the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic and parts of Poland should expect over 125km/h winds as the storm field moves through.
This storm will move towards the east on Friday, bringing gusts near 100km/h to the Balkans especially in the first half of the day, but at the same time a new storm will start forming in the North Sea. By the evening, around 115km/h winds may affect the north of the UK and the North Sea Islands.

Below are today’s ESC Overview map, warnings and watches.



Red: Storm Warning (>70km/h likely within 24h)

Yellow: Storm watch (>70km/h possible within 24h)