Monthly Archives: April 2016

2016.04.26 – Convective Forecast

roughly the northwestern third of central Europe might be affected by thunderstorms today. In northwestern Germany these thunderstorms are expected to bring sleet and possible snow, therefore causing dangerous conditions on the roads. Further, large amounts of small hail may fall, and storm gusts are to be expected in the thunderstorms and showers. The risk of tornados is also slightly increased.


2016.04.16 – ESTOFEX level 2 issued for SW France

ESTOFEX (European Storm Forecast Experiment) has issued a level 2 warning for southwestern France. According to the forecast, the main risks in possible severe thunderstorms are large hail, storm gusts and possibly tornados. Around the level 2 and towards the northwest, including southern France, Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany, a level one was issued. Main risks here are also large hail and storm gusts as well as a slightly increased possibility for tornados. For the same risks, a level 1 was also issued in southeastern Poland. In the northwestern Iberian peninsula, ESTOFEX also issued a level 1, with the main risks being strong rain, storm gusts and large hail.