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2016.02.29 – ESC Overview

Today is the last day of the regular ESC overviews, as the European (wind-)storm season comes to an end. ESC will, however, still issue overview, warnings and watches in dangerous situations throughout the rest of the year. Below is today’s ESC overview. Live data can be fount at


2016.02.28 – ESC Overview/Warnings/Watches

The overall situation in Europe is fairly calm currently, however in the mediterranean storm ZISSI is expected to cause some windy weather. Further north, in Iceland, Ireland and the UK a low pressure system is expected to also bring some wind within the next 48 hours. See the forecasts below, or for more info.

2016.02.28 2016.02.28

2016.02.19 – ESC Overview/Warnings/Watches: A change in the weather pattern

A change in the European weather pattern is predicted to take place in the coming 24 hours, which will bring mild and rainy, but also stormy air masses to mainland Europe. Currently, only storm XIN is tracked on the ESC Overview map, and storm warnings have been issued for the UK, Denmark and Norway, as well as a severe storm watch for Iceland due to uncertainties about where, when and how strong the island will be struck. Upcoming is a new low pressure area which is forecast to form over the northern Atlantic today, and is expected to bring storm to mainland Europe – watches have been issued.

Forecaster: LH

2016.02.19 2016.02.19

2016.02.18 – Overview/Warnings/Watches: Storm XIN

Storm XIN, currently located over southern Greenland, is predicted to continue to move eastward. Iceland is in the path of the storm, and especially the coasts might be affected by storm gusts over 120km/h within 24h. However, due to uncertainties about where, when and how strong Iceland will be affected, ESC has decided to issue a severe storm watch rather than a warning. Later, Mainland Europe and the British Isles might also be affected by storm gusts over 70km/h – watches have been issued.

2016.02.18 2016.02.18

2016.02.17 – Overview: No storm warnings

The currently only storm system in Europe, located north of Iceland, is currently still fairly powerful, however is expected to dissipate within 24h. There is no risk for major areas on land, some small islands in the north sea and around Iceland might still experience storm-forced wind. Because there is no major landmass affected. ESC has not issued warnings or watches. Below is the latest GFS analysis of peak gusts.

2016.02.17 wind

2016.02.15 – Mainland Europe mainly calm

The ESC Overview as well as watches and warnings have been issued once again! This time, not much wind is to be expected for mainland Europe, but there will be quite a bit of wind on the Islands of the Atlantic. See the Warnings and Watches for more information.

The storm currently just south of Greenland will lose intensity, and the second storm will move to the northeast and quite quickly gain intensity, and will cause severe storm gusts in Ireland, UK, Iceland and the other islands.

2016.02.15 2016.02.15