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2015.10.25 – Severe storm WYMAR to make landfall in British Isles

The severe storm WYMAR is predicted to make landfall in the British Isles within 24 hours. Peak gusts in the storm currently are calculated to be near 150km/h, the central pressure currently is 979hPa. Below are the warnings that were issued. Red: Storm warning (within 24h) Yellow: Storm watch (within 48h).

The storm can be seen clearly in the satellite images as well.

2015.10.25 Warn

2015.10.25 Sat 2015.10.25 Analysis 2015.10.25 Gusts

2015.10.24 – Wind analysis of Europe

We currently have a storm low pressure system in the far N of Europe, currently affecting mainly Iceland and the coast of Norway. However, out on the open Atlantic a new, currently still weak, low pressure area has showed up – this is predicted to turn into a severe storm within 24h. We will keep you updated.

2015.10.24 Gust analysis

2015.10.23 – Storm VALENTIN in the N Atlantic, showers in Greece

Currently there is only one storm system in the European / N Atlantic region, named storm VALENTIN. However, there are still thunderstorms and strong showers caused by a low over Greece. Locally, there can be storm gusts again there.

Storm VALENTIN is currently affecting mainly Iceland and the Faroe Islands. See the Wind Analysis for further details about the region affected.

2015.10.23 pressure analysis 2015.10.23 Wind analysis

2015.10.22 – Severe storm ULI in the morning hours

The warm front of severe storm ULI made landfall yesterday evening in the British Isles, and the cold front followed in the early morning hours of today. A peak gust of 141km/h was registered at the station “Bealach Na Ba No2” in the far N of the UK. The pressure of the storm has inreased from 971hPa (yesterday evening) to 977hPa (00UTC).

Warnings issued by the MeteoGroup for the UK

Warnings issued by the MeteoGroup for the UK


DWD 00UTC Ground analysis. ULI is the the N of the British Isles.

DWD 00UTC Ground analysis. ULI is the the N of the British Isles.


The 00UTC GFS peak gust analysis

The 00UTC GFS peak gust analysis

2015.10.21 – ESC Overview, severe storm “ULI” and nameless storm

We currently have two storms in the European region, one of which is called “ULI” and considered a severe storm. Peak gusts of over 128km/h have been calculated by the ESC. The bad news: The storm is currently making landfall in the UK and Ireland. Therefore, the MILK ESC has issued warnings. There is also a second, smaller storm currently making landfall on the Scandinavian peninsula, respective warnings have been issued. A peak gust of 130km/h has been measured in Norway. The two storms have central pressures of 971hPa (ULI) and 977hPa (Nameless storm). below is the MILK ESC Overview.

2015.10.21 2015.10.21 Warnings

2015.10.15 – Stormy weather around Iceland: Wind Pattern

We currently have stormy weather off the coast of Norway, and also moving towards Iceland, an area currently to the S and W of Greenland. However, since these two areas of strong wind are not directly to be related to a low pressure area and there is a very small risk, MILK ESC has decided not to go through the long and dificult process of making a full ESC Overview, but we will rather just share the current peak gust map calculated by GFS.

2015.10.15 Wind pattern