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2015.09.15 – Wind Pattern

The low-pressure area “Michael” is causing a few storm gusts in NW Europe, including the UK and the BeNeLux nations. However, the remaints of the (former) tropical storm HENRI are forecst to come ashore on the Iberian peninsula. Please be careful there – storm gusts are to be expected. Below is the peak gust analysis by GFS.

2015.09.15 Wind pattern

2015.09.14 – Wind pattern

We currently have no storm systems in Europe, however one is expected to form in the coming night and strike the W / NW coast of the Iberian peninsula. More information about that storm tomorrow, when it has formed. Below is the wind analysis for Europe as of 00UTC.

2015.09.14 Wind pattern

2015.09.12 – ESC Overview, Sat and Warnings

The scandinavian high-pressure area is starting to become much weaker, making it possible for low-pressure areas to move further towards the east again. At the edge of the H, storm “LEO” has formed, while the former tropical storm, now storm “HENRI” is moving towards Europe and is currently located over the central north Atlantic.

2015.09.12 Overview Kopie 2015.09.12 Sat edit 2015.09.12 Warnings

2015.09.11 – Stormy H-Pressure area: European Wind Pattern and pressure.

Currently we have no low pressure systems to report on, however a high over Scandinavia with a central pressure of 1037hPa. A the W side of the high, are stormy conditions, which affect mainly the north sea, but also Ireland, the UK, Norway and Iceland. Below is the wind analysis by GFS for yesterday evening, 18UTC.

2015.09.11 Wind pattern

Below is the pressure analysis of Europe at 00UTC, with the stormy high-pressure area and the stormiest area marked.

2015.09.11 Pressure analysis