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Where will it be warmest?

The highest temperatures of AT, CH and DE!


Austria: 21°C

Switzerland: 20°C

Germany: 22°C


AT: 23°C

CH: 22°C

DE: 24°C


AT: 24°C

CH: 22°C

DE: 25°C


AT: 21°C

CH: 21°C

DE: 25°C


AT 24°C

CH 20°C

DE 23°C


AT 26°C

CH 11°C

DE 23°C


AT 17°C

CH 14°C

DE 19°C


AT 18°C

CH 15°C

DE 17°C


Convective threat assessment

Due to the dangerous convective situation, a thunderstorm threat assessment has been done by MILK. Here the convective forecast:

+++the assessment+++

Above: The areas in red circles are the areas with an increased risk for severe thunderstorms

Below: The areas uner the blue shading are the areas in which flash flooding is most likely.


Weather for today

Today the day will begin quite nicely in central Europe, at least weather-wise. Only in the S there will be some local drizzle or in the alps a few snow flakes, but it will be generally more cloudy in Austria and Switzerland in the morning. In the afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms will pop up all over central europe – for more information on the thunderstorm probability in your area, check back on the convective forecast issued a little earlier.

The thunderstorms are expected to cause local flash flooding – especially in E Germany, at the N Sea coast, and in Austria.

Minimum temperatures:

  • Austria: -15°C (Alps) to 9°C (Lower areas)
  • Switzerland: -21°C (Alps) to 5°C (lower areas)
  • Germany: 1°C (far south) to 9°C (coasts and E)

Maximum temperatures:

  • Austria: 3°C (Alps) to 21°C (lower areas
  • Switzerland: 0°C (Alps) to 20°C (lower areas)
  • Germany: 13°C (coast of N Sea) to 21°C (east half)

The wind will be generally very weak, at the coasts moderate. In the inland the wind will be coming from very different direction, dependent on the local topography; at the coasts the will will come from the E.

In the morning there might be some wind gusts at the N Sea coast, in the evening at the baltic coast.

It will be sunny in most of central Europe in the morning hours, however due to the convection it will grow more and more cloudy during the day.


Weather for today

Today it will be quite cloudy and rainy in all of central Europe, however especially in N Germany it will rain most of the day. iN the afternoon, thunderstorms are possible in nearly all of central Europe, but see the convective forecast for an assessment of the risk due to the thunderstorms.

During the thunderstorms, locally there could be a lot of rain, however, no flooding nor flas flooding or severe ammounts of rain are forecast.

The minimum temperatures:

  • Switzerland -2°C (Alps) to 5°C (lower areas)
  • Austria -2°C (Alps) to 6°C (lower areas)
  • Germany -0°C (South) to 10°C (central North)

The maximum temperatures:

  • Austria 1°C (Alps) to 20°C (lower areas)
  • Switzerland 0°C (Alps) to 19°C (far NE)
  • Germany 11°C (baltic coast) to 20°C (center)

There might be some windy gusts at the coasts of the north and the baltic sea.