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Current weather overview of Europe

Overview of the warnings

The British islands (Ireland, GB) are both on a storm warning, especially in far NW GB the storm is currently nearly reaching hurricane force. As always, hurricane force is more easily reached in the mountains than in lowland. A thunderstorm early warning has been issued for large parts of the central Iberian peninsula. In Scandinavia several snow warnings have been issued, especially in SW Norway the highest warning level has been publicized.

Satellite imagery

The satellite image in both the infrared and the visible spectrum show clearly a jet stream over the N Atlantic which makes an arc N of the British islands and then dissipates towards the E. The presence of a jet stream is also verified by the 500hPa maps. The other end of the visible cloud band of the jet stream is located just in the center of the N Atlantic. A very unorganized area of clouds, a combination of cumuli types and stratus types, covers most of the E half of Europe.

Radar imagery central Europe

Strong rain showers have moved eastwards in Germany during the day, however now they are only left in the E half. A small warm front (verified by the ground observations map) is reaching ashore the Baltic sea. In central Austria there is an area of rain, which, however consists of Stratus-like clouds.


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Severe Storms in California

In large areas of California, there was severe rain. In Los Angeles there was more rain in a short period of time, than usually falls throughout an entire year. The results: the water was not able to flow away fast enough; most of the streets were flooded. The source of the bad weather is a low pressure system over the Pacific, that, with it’s fronts, brings a lot of humidity into the inland, which then rains out at the north American coasts, now in California. (image by

Image by

However, the rain masses ended one of the most severe draughts in California’s history. Also in the surrounding of LA there were severe amounts of rain. Streets were flooded there as well. In many places the soil could not take up so much water at once, resulting in landslides that blocked further roads. Storm gusts are a problem as well. The trees are more likely to fall than usual, because the rain soaked through the soil and the roots can therefore not hold the tree well anchored anymore.


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Severe snow S of the Alps

South of the Alps, in N Italy and in S Switzerland, there has been over 1m of new snow in 24 hours. This is a scary remider of what happened in Carynthia…


In some regions over 1m of fresh snow fell. Image by Italia Web Site Рsiti web, visibilità e marketing nel Verbano Cusio Ossola