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Convection expected in Berlin Sunday?

Multiple forecasting models have predicted convective precipitation, which would be the first of the year, to form W of Berlin and then later move over the German capital.

Based on GFS, convective clouds are to be expected to a reasonable percentage during the afternoon hours, relatively locally concentrated in and around Berlin. A lifted index of 0 shows that on Sunday, especially in the afternoon hours, thunderstorms are possible, a CAPE of 50-100, though, shows that thunderstorms ARE NOT TO BE EXPECTED.


More coming soon.

The MILK “Model Whisperer”

… Which is basically a forecast for tomorrow, Friday.


At the W coast of N America there might be some intense precipitation, especially in the N half of the US-American pacific coast. Especially in N California, flooding is to be expected. The precipitation will end until the evening. At the east coast a large Nor’easter will move off towards the NE, causing a decrease in precipitation in these areas. In the center of the USA, convecitve showers are forecast to form during the day and be most intense during the afternoon and evening hours. These will combine and move eastwards. In Europe there will be a rain area in the adriatic sea. Throughout Europe the rests of earlier storms are still causing rain showers here and there, but these areas will dissipate gradually tomorrow. IN the meantime, a new lowpressure area will move in from the W. In the E Meditterranean showers and thunderstorms are to be expected. In GB flooding will be possible due to the new low. Around the equator thunderstorms will form. Especially in Brazil there will be a risk of flash flooding, supercells are forecast for Brazil. During the day there will be a risk of flash flooding in the center of the Australian Outback, caused by thunderstorms. There will be high risk of flooding in Japan as well.


New snow is expected over vast areas at the N half of the N American Pacific coast. Snow showers are to be expected in the center of N USA as well, and snow is also expected to fall along the E coast, as far south as N Florida. In central Europe and GB locally snow is forecast, the Alps are to expect relatively large amounts of snow. In Japan there might locally be over 50cm snow falling in 24 hours. Surprisingly enough, the driest desert of the world, Antarctica is expected to be confronted with partly massive and wide spread snofall tomorrow.


Especially high temperatures are expected in far N South America, in central Aftica, and in E central and SE Australia. Temperatures over 45°C are not forecast.


It will be very cold in vast parts of N America, all of Greenland, E Asia and all of Antarctica. Temperatures under -30°C are forecast.


It is expected to be very stormy around Newfoundland and in W Europe. Stormgusts are to be expected relatively locally at the W coast of Canada, and wide-spread around Kamchatka (but that won’t affect anyone except the russian military).


Are to be expected to be especially strong S of the equator.

MILK extreme places Tomorrow, Friday

These will be the most extreme places (weatherwise) in the world, tomorrow ON FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! THAT day has to be celebrated! FRIDAY!

Please do note that the values are calculated /forecast values and might be offset. THIS IS THE MOST PRECISE  FORECAST YOU CAN GET ONLINE.


Windiest location: St. John’s (Canada): a gust of 129.6km/h is forecast.

24-hour precipitation: San Ignacio, (Bolivia): 196.2lm² are forecast.

24-hour snowfall: Mt. Kazakoshi (Japan): 76.9cm are forecast.

Heat: Gabadolite (Dem. Rep. o. Congo): 42.5°C are forecast.

Cold: Bogucany (Russia): -52.3°C are forecast.

Ice Rain: Port aux Basques (Canada): 23lm² are forecast.

Thunderstorm: Hamilton (Bermuda): 455.1 SWEAT index forecast.

Most muggy place: Port Velho (Brazil): 34.1hpa vapor pressure forecast.

Forecast of the most extreme places today

Wind gusts. Do note that the values are only forecasts and can be changed due to local factors.

  • Mirnyj, Antarctica: 116.6km/h
  • Isle of Scilly, GB: 111.6km/h
  • Penzance, GB: 110.9km/h
  • Fishguard, GB: 105.1km/h

Precipitation in 24 hours. Values are only forecasts.

  • Lake orville, USA: 74.4lm²
  • Chester, USA: 70.2lm²

24 hours snow. Values are only forecasts.

  • Lake alpine, USA: 35.1cm
  • Park city, USA: 28.1cm
  • Lassen volcanic, USA: 25.9cm

Heat. Values are only forecasts.

  • Loxton, Australia: 43.2°C
  • Port Augusta, Australia: 42.8°C
  • Mildura, Australia, 42.8°C
  • Keith, Australia: 42.2°C
  • Marree, Australia: 41.3°C
  • Horseham, Australia: 41.2°C
  • Yunta, Australia: 41.1°C

Cold. Values are only forecasts.

  • Suntar, Russia: -54.4°C

Currently the most extreme Places…

Wind:S. Sandwitch Islands (GB) // South Georgia (GB), both 104.8km/h

3-hour prec.: Wyndham (Australia), 34.9lm²

6-hour prec.: Cooktown (Australia), 57.6lm²

12-hour prec.: Cooktown (Australia), 77.8lm²

24-hour prec.: Lag Yulton (Chile) // Cooktown (Australia), Both 99.9lm²

24-hour Snowfall: Dudipat lake (Pakistan): 35.4cm

Heat: Gbadolite (Dem. Rep. Kongo), 40.7°C

Cold: Dzardzan (Russia), -55.4°C

Thunderstorm: Port Louis (Mauritius), 448.2 SWEAT index