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Weather warnings for Europe

There are 4 warning levels for this report. 1 is slight, 4 is extreme, 3 is strong and 2 is moderate.


Austria: Wind (1), Ice (1)

Belgium: none.

Bulgaria: non.

Switzerland: Wind (1)

Cyprus: none

Czeck Republic: Ice (1)

Germany: Wind (1), Ice (1)

Denmark: none

Estonia: Wind (1)

Spain: High sea (2), Storm (2)

Finnland: high sea (1)

Greece: Strong Thunderstorms (2)

Croatia: Storm (2)

Hungary: Wind (1)

Ireland: none

Iceland: none

Italy: Storm (2), Thunderstorm (1)

Luxemburg: none

Latvia: Wind (1)

Montenegro: Storm (2)

Makedonia: none

Malta: none

Netherlands: Wind (1)

Norway: Wind (1), Rain (1)

Poland: Ice (1), Wind (1)

Portugal: none

Romania: Wind (1), Ice (1)

Serbia: Ice (1), Wind (1)

Sweden: Wind (1), High sea (1)

Slovenia: Storm (2), High temperatures (1), Avalanches (1)

Slovakia: Stoem (2), Ice (1)

GB: fog (1)

Is winter coming in central Europe?

Within the next weeks there will be a very intense air flow from the E into Germany, and a lot of snow in Germany and Austria. We want to make a forecast for you about how cold it will get.


This morning in the very S of Germany temperatures are already at -10°C. In Austria, especially in E Tyrol, temperatures are already at -13°C.

Tomorrow in far S Germany, at the border to Austria, temperatures will droop to -18°C, In Austria even down to -28°C. Here comes the actual forecast:

Minimum temperatures by country

Today: Germany -10°C, Austria -13°C, Switzerland -13°C

Tomorrow: Germany -18°C, Austria -28°C, Switzerland -25°C

Wednesday: Germany: -19°C, Austria -31°C, Switzerland -36°C

Germany, Austria – Very cold night expected

The temperatures in the coming night(s) are expected to be very low. Here the forecasts.

Coming night:

  • Berlin: 1 to 2°C, Hamburg: 5°C, Bremen: 5 to 6°C, Munich: -1°C
  • Austria// W: -20 to -5°C,    S: -20 to 4°C,    N: -10 to 2°C,    E: 2 to 4°C

Night to Wednesday:

Berlin: 5°C, Graz: -0 to 3°C, Hamburg: 5°C, Vienna: 1 to 2°C


To Thursday

Berlin: 2°C, Graz: -2 to -0°C

To Friday:

Berlin: -0°C, Graz: 1 to 4°C, Vienna: 0 to 2°C