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Storm CHRISTIAN in Europe – pictures and info

The storm caused a lot of damage in W Europe. In Rotterdam the storm knocked over many trees, and damaged cars. Image: Boudewijn Pothoven / @WaanvdWeek via twitter at

Not better in London. Image: Hanson Wade / @CombatingPiracy via twitter to

(Germany) also fencing got blown over and, in this case here, damaged a whole row of parking cars. Img: AsidMedia / @usmans123 via twitter to wetteronline

In Faversham, SE of London, this outdoor advertisement got blown over and crashed onto a train. Image: Mark / @Veryslowturtle via twitter to wetteronline

First storm gusts in W Germany: In Bonn this tree gets uprooted. The road is blocked. Img: miyando / @miyando via twitter to wetteronline

The north sea is very rough in the Netherlands, waves of several meters height strike the coast. Img: De Zee Kust / @dezeekust via twitter to wetteronline








The storm has now passed the british islands and the channel, and now is lingering just off the E of GB with 975hpa in its center. We will keep you updated.


Current list of Storm stations of the German weather service (DWD)

Extreme hurricane forced gusts:

  • Brocken

Hurricane forced gusts:

  • Zugspitze

Strong storm gusts:

  • Wasserkuppe
  • Fichtelberg
  • Feldberg

Storm gusts

  • (MILK Berlin Steglitz)
  • Helgoland
  • Norderney
  • Düsseldorf (AP)
  • Kahler Asten
  • Aachen
  • Köln/Bonn (AP)
  • Hahn (AP)
  • Großer Arber



MILK Berlin Steglitz station on official weather measuring net:

Current Germany-wide peak: 159kmh on the Brocken mountain. The M.I.L.K. station in Berlin Steglitz is currently in the group of the top 4 most windy stations in Germany (there are several most windy and 2nd most windy stations as well). Gusts of 8bft are registered here. The MILK station is the only private station in the top 4. Top three windiest stations:

Windiest: 12bft: Bocken,  Zugspitze, 11bft: Feldberg Fichtelberg Wasserkuppe, 10bft: Aachen, Kaler Asten, Düsseldorf (airport) 9bft: Includes MILK Berlin Steglitz


08:15UTC Currently it is still “the calm before the storm” on Norderney – the wind is picking up, but the waves are still relatively small. In Berlin there currently are gusts of around 8bft.

Live image from Norderney


Wind forecast – Berlin

This afternoon the gusts will gradually dissipate from 50kmh (currently).

Tomorrow the wind will continue to get weaker. In the afternoon there are no significant peek gusts to be expected.

Wind will return on friday in the later afternoon.

The wind will intenisfy to 7bft for a short period on saturday before noon.

7bft will next return sunday in the afternoon, and continue intensifying. In the late afternoon 9bft with 83kmh are then already to be expected. But in the evening 10bft, 93kmh, are to be expected regionally in Berlin. The wind will not dissipate completely. In the late evening 8 or 9bft will keep blowing, peaks of around 76kmh.

In the night the winds of 7bft will continue blowing. Still before noon, it will intensify back to 8bft, And 83kmh, so 9bft, are expected in the afternoon. In the late afternoon, 10bft with incredible 91kmh will rip through Berlin. In the evening it will intensify to 93kmh, and in the late evening peaks of 108kmh, so 11bft are to be expected.

The wind will slowly dissipate then, with it going back to 8bft as late as noon on Tuesday.

Severe wind storm in Germany

09:20 UTC Friday

The live ticker to the storm situation is now officially over. Further evaluation and information about the storm that caused damage and a storm flood will be published within the next week or so. So please check back soon!


The new peak: now 126kmh on the Brocken mountain. Stronger winds are still expected in Berlin. Please keep updated.



Correction the peak gust on the Brocken was 112kmh. Here the peaks



The new peak gust is: 121kmh on the Brocken.


At the current time the German weather service has started issuing warnings for far parts of Germany. Also at the MILK stations there has been an increase in the wind. Gusts of 105kmh are expected in the evening in Berlin, which is caused by the occlusion. Following stations are reporting strong storm gusts currently:
Brocken. The Brocken has measured the Germany-wide peek so far: 97kmh. That happened in the last hour. Only in Austria the Sonnblick had more: 101kmh. BUT AGAIN: FOR BERLIN OVER 105 KMH ARE EXPECTED IN THE EVENING. For live info please visit: or also


The storm system now has 10bft gusts over the N sea, or at least that is very likely. At 6UTC the far NW Coasts of Germany will beginn feeling the full force of the storm.


In the last hour, the DWD (German weather service) has measured 50kmh on Helgoland. But that is, compared to what will still come, very week. 58kmh were measured on the mountain Brocken. We will keep you updated.


Hello everybody. We now just started our ticker to the severe storm that is currently lurching NW of Germany. Although the system is currently not so great, with peaks of aroun 70kmh, it will increase rapidly and then move into Germany from the NW. The storm system is expected to bring gusts of significantly over the 12bft boundary in lowland far in the inland, and repeated gusts of 11bft as well. In Berlin 98kmh are forecast, which is 20kmh more than still 1 day ago. M.I.L.K. is expecting peaks of around 108kmh, though, which would be near hurricane-forced. More information will be added.


For stormchase information please visit

Weather for Berlin and Germany

Today in the morning it will still be mainly cloudy, but it will start raining already before noon. It is going to continue to rain throughout the afternoon, but in the late afternoon it will drizzle. In the late afternoon there is also a chance for thunderstorms, which is very late in the year. In the evening it will then be dry and overcast.
Tomoorow will beginn only slightly cloudy, with 3/8 skycover, and will still turn fair (2/8) before noon. It will stay fair or slightly cloudy for the rest of the day.
Thursday will start with overcast skies, and then it will start drizzling in the afternoon. It should dry up, though, until the evening.
Today: 6 to 12°C
Tomorrow: 6 to 12°C
Thursday: 7 to 15°C
Friday: 10 to 14°C
Saturday: 7 to 14°C
Sunday: 13 to 19°C
Monday: 12 to 17°C
Tuesday: 9 to 16°C
In the early morning the first gusts of 58kmh are expected along the North Sea coasts.
Still before noon, these wind will proceed further to the E and S, including Bremen and Hamburg. The North Sea coasts wil then be battered by 70kmh wind.
Berlin will be struck in the afternoon, but before 5:00. At the beginning of the storm, gusts are expected to reach 55kmh. With that wind speed, you should, or safety reasons, take all your garden furniture into the building, especially sun umbrellas as these are likely to get damaged.
In the late afternoon N Germany will have winds exceeding 103kmh, while in Berlin the wind will also pick up. 63kmh, as high as M.I.L.K. has ever measured (three times!). With that wind speed you should stay away from trees, since many twigs will break off. You should definetely get all your garden furniture inside, or it is likely to fly away. And you should close the shutters, since these are likely to cause more damage because of the wind when they are open.
The wind will further pick up to 72kmh in the evening.
In the late evening Berlin is going to reach the peek: over 78kmh wind. THAT IS OFFICIALLY 9BFT; STORM.
Stay far away from trees. Big branches are likely to fly around. Close all shutters, or these will be damaged. Get all garden furniture inside. Leave all beeches and coasts immediately. PREPARE FOR SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE OF THE ROOF.

Big Problem.

All forums, and a large part of the Websites as well as the M.I.L.K. mail service are currently not worken. The forums and the websites might never work again. More information coming soon. I would have written “Please visit” now, but since that won’t work…