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20.8.2013 and on – Germany, Austria severe weather forecast

This is just an overview of what types of severe weather there might be in Austria and Germany, so that you can prepare in time.


In the night in the E and S halfs of Gerrmany strong rain showers are to be expected, flooding is not likely though. In E Tyrol, Carynthia, Styria, Upper and Lower Austria strong rain is expected, in Upper and Lower Austria flooding is likely, there extreme rain is forecast especially for the N central Areas of the states. In the early morning hours very local fog is expected to occur in some Areas of W Germany. In the afternoon strong rain is to be expected in Carynthia. Until the night this threat should have dissipated.

Heat of 34°C is to be expected in far SE Austria


In the night local fog is to be expected in E tyrol. This will spread to Carynthia, N Styria, S Upper and Lower Austria until the early morning hours. The threat should be gone until the morning.


In the afternoon thunderstorms are to be expected in Tyrol, E Tyrol, Carynthia, N Styria and S Upper and Lower Austria. The threat will dissipate until the early morning hours.