2019.09.14 – Tropical Update: Tropical Storm Humberto will likely miss US, Hurrican Kiko out on Pacific

Two tropical systems are currently being watched by NOAA’s National Hurricane Center – one a hurricane in the eastern Pacific, one a tropical storm in the vicinity of the Bahamas. Here are the details

Tropical Storm Humberto

Central Pressure: 1000 hPa
Maximum sustained winds: 93 km/h
Gusts: 110 km/h

Tropical Storm Humberto is currently located just to the north of the Bahamas, its precipitation and even its storm field affecting some of the nation’s islands. It is currently not predicted to make landfall in the mainland US, instead turning back out to the Atlantic and then heading towards the Northeast. The storm is, however, still expected to strengthen and is predicted to be upgraded to a category 1 hurricane by 8pm on Monday (EDT), and a category 2 by 8pm on Tuesday (EDT). On Wednesday, the storm is expected to be positioned around Bermuda. Whether the British territory is going to be struck isn’t entirely certain yet, however, precautions should be taken.

The current storm field and predicted path of Tropical Storm Humberto. Note how part of the Bahamas is currently being impacted by the storm field. Source: NOAA / NHC

Hurricane Kiko

Central pressure: 966 hPa
Maximum sustained winds: 184 km/h
Gusts: 211 km/h
Category: 3

Hurricane Kiko, though a major storm, is located well out on the Pacific and is headed Westwards, away from land. It therefore poses no real risk to North America. The storm is expected to continue on this trajectory for the days to come, eventually weakening to a category 1 storm by the end of the 5-day forecast period.

Hurricane Kiko, though a major hurricane, does not pose any threat to mainland North America at this time. Source: NOAA / NHC.

2018.12.27 – European Storm Center: Storm over North Atlantic, potentially windy conditions in Scotland

A severe storm packing wind speeds in excess of 120km/h is currently located over the northern Atlantic, roughly to the south of Greenland and southwest of Iceland. The storm, which had a central pressure of 975hPa in the last analysis, is not expected to make landfall in any European countries (Iceland included) before it dissipates, therefore posing minimal risk. No warnings or watches have been issued for it.

However, a new storm is expected to form over the Atlantic during the 48 hour forecast period. It may move towards the British Isles by the end of said forecast period, potentially hitting the northern coasts of Ireland with storm gusts and possibly even bringing some severe storm gusts in excess of 120km/h to Scotland. This would take place in the night from Friday to Saturday. As this is still a while away, changes in the forecast are possible. For now, a storm watch and severe storm watch have been issued for Ireland northern & northwestern coasts and for Scotland, respectively.

Below you will find the current storm warnings & storm watches, the satellite image of the storm and the overview of the currently active systems.

European Storm Center (ESC)

This forecast is solely for informative purposes and though is done to the best of the forecaster’s ability, no warranty is given for the accuracy of the information.

2018.02.12 – European Windstorm Update: Storm QUINN heading for the UK, Ireland and Iceland

There are currently two storms around Europe.

Storm PHILINE,  currently located over Denmark, is expected to more or less dissipate within the next 24 hours, and is currently only bringing storm gusts to a fairly small area consisting of Denmark and the far north of Germany.

However, from the northern Atlantic, a new storm is approaching: severe storm QUINN, currently located to the northwest of Ireland, is packing gusts exceeding 120km/h and has a central pressure of 988hPa. It is expected to strike Ireland and, a few hours later, the UK in the coming night, bringing wide-spread storm gusts and some severe storm gusts, especially in exposed locations. The storm will move northeast or north-northeast, and will also bring severe storm gusts to parts of Iceland by tomorrow morning. The French coast may be impacted between tomorrow morning and the early afternoon, as well. Storm warnings and watches have been issued accordingly. See below.

Below: ESC European Windstorm Overview, Warnings and Watches.