2019.09.27 – Chicago, Evanston in an Area of Increased Severe Weather Risk

  • A first round of storms is moving through currently and will persist for the coming hours, into the early afternoon
  • New storms will fire up in the late afternoon / evening over northern Illinois and are expected to bring heavy rainfall overnight
  • Total rain may amount to up to 2 inches or over 50 liters per square meter, posing risk of flooding & flash flooding.
  • “When thunder roars, go indoors”!
  • Drive cautiously in heavy rainfall due to risk of aquaplaning and reduced visibility.
  • The national Storm Prediction Center predicts the risk of large hail (>2.5cm / >1 in) within 25 miles to be at 10%.
  • The risk of severe storm gusts over 90km/h / 54 mph to be at 5%.
  • For up-to-date information, visit the National Storm Prediction Center
Latest radar image of Chicago & Northern Illinois

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