2018.06.10 – Early Warning regarding THUNDERSTORMS for Berlin and Brandenburg

Issued 2018.06.10 at 12:00 CEST

There is a significantly increased potential for severe thunderstorms this afternoon.
According to the latest forecast model runs, thunderstorms will be moving through Berlin and Brandenburg starting in the mid-afternoon and continuing into the early evening, before thunderstorm activity decreases through the night.
These thunderstorms will have the potential to become severe.
The main concern today, due to the relatively large quantities of water in the air and the comparatively slow motion of the thunderstorms, will be excessive rainfall which may easily reach up to 25 liters per square meter in a time span of about an hour. Even extremely high rainfall rates exceeding 40 liters per square meter in short amounts of time are not to be ruled out. Further, and especially if the thunderstorms organize into a line, storm gusts of 55 to 70km/h are to be expected, with possible peaks reaching higher values. There is also an increased potential for hail, and if it does occur, it may have diameters of up to 3cm.
Due to the above potential severe weather events which may accompany the thunderstorms, as well as the always present risk posed by lightning, it is best to remain indoors during a thunderstorm.
Flash flooding can occur, causing serious delays in transportation and potential damage to property. Especially underpasses should be avoided, as quickly rising water levels can easily become life threatening. Small rivers may spring their banks.
Stay informed about the current and upcoming weather situation. Remain indoors during thunderstorms; if not absolutely necessary, do not drive during a storm.
Do not put yourself into any unnecessary danger.
This is solely a preliminary assessment of an upcoming potential severe weather situation; it is meant for guidance only and no guarantees are given.

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