2018.06.01 – Early Warning regarding THUNDERSTORMS for Berlin & Brandenburg

Issued 2018.06.01 at 08:20 CEST

Thanks to increasing heat and humidity, as well as an increased lifting factor ahead of a front approaching from the west, the atmosphere is layered in a very unstable way right from the morning on today. This will give rise to thunderstorms over the course of the day, many of which will have the potential for becoming severe. Showers and thunderstorms have started to spring up early this morning already, evidencing the labile layering of the atmosphere and potential for thunderstorms.
As mentioned above, due to the high potential energy, thunderstorms generally have the potential to become severe today.
Due to the generally very slow motion of the thunderstorms, the risk of flooding is especially pronounced today; amounts of up to 60 liters of rain per square meter in short time spans can lead to serious delays in transportation as well as flash flooding, especially in low-lying areas and near smaller rivers.
Further, the potential for hail with diameters of up to 3cm is given. If hail falls, it may fall with such an intensity that it forms a closed cover. The hail may also smash car windows and cause damage to roofs & vegetation, etc. If large hail starts falling while you are on the road, stop driving. Windows of parking cars can be protected using blankets.
Storm gusts of up to 80km/h can also not be ruled out, especially at the leading edge and in the precipitation of the thunderstorms.
Stay informed about the current and upcoming weather situation. Remain indoors during thunderstorms; if not absolutely necessary, do not drive during a storm.
Do not put yourself into any unnecessary danger.
This is solely a preliminary assessment of an upcoming potential severe weather situation; it is meant for guidance only and no guarantees are given.

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