2018.01.03 – ESC European Windstorm Update: Severe Storm BURGLIND slams Central Europe (English Version)

Severe Storm BURGLIND, with a central pressure of 966 hPa, is striking central Europe today – and striking hard. Peak gusts of 174km/h have already been registered on the peak of the Zugspitze mountain in southern Germany, and full hurricane-forced gusts are expected also in the lowland throughout much of Germany, the Benelux and France. Storm gusts are expected to affect a much broader area. The storm is predicted to move off towards the east within the next 24 hours, however the next storm may not be far away; a low-pressure system by the name of Christina is already approaching over the northern Atlantic, and is expected to bring stormy conditions at least to the UK.

Current peak gusts of storm BURGLIND:
174km/h – Zugspitze, Germany
161km/h – Great Dun Fell, UK
161km/h – Säntis, Switzerland
152km/h – La Dole, Switzerland
150km/h – Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
144km/h – Napf, Switzerland
144km/h – Pilatus, Switzerland
140km/h – Vlissingen, Netherlands

Below you will find the ESC European Windstorm Overview, as well as the windstorm warnings and watches.



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