2017.12.26 – ESC European Windstorm Update: Storm expected to strike Spain, France, move into the Mediterranean

There are currently two storm systems in Europe.

Storm DIETHELM III is currently located on the southwestern coast of Norway, and continues to be quite a strong storm, with a central pressure of only 967hPa, and peak gusts of 133km/h having been registered in Germany. However, the storm is expected to dissolve within the coming 24 hours.

A much more interesting system is that named EDILBERT, which is currently approaching the French coast. It is difficult to estimate current wind speeds; peak gusts of 106km/h have been reported from the French Atlantic coast, however the main wind field is yet to make landfall. The storm currently has a central pressure of 980hPa. The low-pressure system itself is expected to move through the English Chanel, however the main storm field is expected to stay much further south, with severe storm gusts to be expected along the French coast and in parts of Spain. There is still uncertainty as to where the storm will move thereafter, however it looks like parts of Italy, and the Adriatic coast of the Balkans should brace for some uncomfortable conditions.

Storm warnings and watches have been issued accordingly.

Find the European Windstorm Overview, as well as Storm Warnings and Watches below:


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