2017.10.29 – ESC European Windstorm Update: Storms GRISCHA & HERWART pounding Europe with up to 180km/h

A duo of storms – named GRISCHA and HERWART – will be moving across Europe today, bringing seriously stormy conditions to much of the continent.

Germany is currently being pounded by the storm, and in the past few hours, peak gusts have reached over 120km/h in the lowland, with nearly 180km/h reported on some mountains. The storm is causing serious delays in the German rail system.
Wind speeds are currently also picking up in Austria and the Czech Republic, which are next in line for a direct hit by the storm.

A severe storm warning has been issued for large parts of Central Europe all the way from the Dutch coast over Germany, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, and into Hungary and Slovenia. Peak gusts of over 120km/h even in low lying areas are to be expected here. A storm warning for gusts exceeding 70km/h covers a much wider area all the way from the Netherlands, western Germany to Bosnia, Romania, the Ukraine and Lithuania. Further, storm gusts are to be expected along most coasts of the Baltic. A storm watch has been issued for far eastern Europe, as storm gusts are expected to move into this area tomorrow.

More information on the warnings, watches and overview maps for European windstorms below:

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