2017.02.22 – Weather Forecast for RABAT

TODAY it will be mostly cloudy for the majority of the day, and some occasional light rain is to be expected especially from noon onwards. In the evening, just before sunset, the rain is expected to stop and there may be sunny patches. At night, no sunshine is expected, as already last night. Temperatures are starting off at 12 degrees Celsius this morning, and are predicted to reach maxima of around 18 deg. C. later on during the day. The wind will be light.

54 to 64F.
TOMORROW will bring us a mixture of sunshine and clouds, and in the afternoon also some rain. The temperatures will start off at 13 degrees in the morning and reach up to 19 degrees later in the day; the wind will be moderate, so it might not feel quite as warm.
55 to 66F.
On FRIDAY it will be largely overcast and rainy until the afternoon, when the sky will start to gradually clear up. The wind will continue to be quite lively, and temperatures are forecast to range from 10 to 18 deg. Centigrade.
50 to 64F.
Saturday: Sunny, 9 to 19C
Sunday: Sunny, 10 to 22C
Monday: Mostly sunny, 11 to 20C
Tuesday: Rainy, 8 to 17C
Wednesday: Mostly sunny, 6 to 17C
Thursday: Mostly sunny, 7 to 19C
Friday: Fair, 13 to 20C

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