2017.02.15 – Weather Forecast for RABAT

TODAY you can expect very nice weather with a lot of sunshine and close to no clouds. The temperatures are starting off at 10 degrees Celsius this morning, but are ultimately expected to reach up to 22 deg. C in the afternoon. The wind will be light.

50 to 72F

TOMORROW will not be a lot different from today; again, sunshine is expected for the entire day and almost no clouds are expected to be visible in the sky. The temperatures will again start off at 10 degrees, and later reach a maximum of up o 22 Centigrade. The wind will continue to be light.
50 to 72F
FRIDAY will start off mostly cloudy and at around 9 degrees, but no precipitation is expected. By midday, the clouds should have largely dissipated, and for the rest of the day sunshine is to be expected again. The temperatures will rise to a maximum of 21 deg. C, and the wind will stay very light all day long.
48 to 70F
Saturday: Sunny, 10 to 22C
Sunday: Sunny, 11 to 21C
Monday: Sunny, showers in the evening, 11 to 21C
Tuesday: Sunny, showers in the evening, 12 to 22C
Wednesday: Sunny, 13 to 22C
Thursday: Sunny, 10 to 21C
Friday: Sunny, 12 to 21C

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