2017.02.13 – Weather Forecast for RABAT

This morning it is quite cloudy, with some rain to be expected from time to time. The clouds will stick around for a while, but are then ultimately expected to dissipate at around noon. In the afternoon it is expected to be largely sunny, although showers and possibly also thunderstorms will be lingering in the region, and it is possible that there will be one or two showers in Rabat over the course of the afternoon, as well. The wind is starting off quite lively this morning, with gusts still reaching around 50km/h, but will generally calm down over the course of the day. It won’t be especially warm today, though, with temperatures currently being at 13 degrees and expected to reach a maximum of only 15 Centigrade.

TOMORROW there will be a lot of sunshine, and almost no clouds. The wind will be light, and the temperatures will range from 10 degrees Celsius in the morning to up to 21 degrees in the afternoon hours.
WEDNESDAY will bring us a mix of sunshine and clouds, but despite these areas of thick clouds moving through, it is expected to stay dry. Not only will it stay dry, but at 10 to 22 deg. C, it will even be a bit warmer than on Tuesday. The wind will again be light, picking up slightly in the evening.
Thursday: Mostly sunny, 11 to 21C
Friday: Sunny, 10 to 22C
Saturday: Mostly sunny, thunderstorms in the evening, 13 to 21C
Sunday: Thunderstorms, 9 to 16C
Monday: Increasingly rainy, 11 to 19C
Tuesday: Fair, showers, 10 to 17C
Wednesday: Sunny, 11 to 19C

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