2017.02.12 – RABAT: Psbl. Flash Flooding, Storm Gusts

What is the forecast?

    Forecasts indicate that tonight there may be a potentially dangerous weather situation. An area of very intense rain is expected to move through, accompanied by storm gusts and possibly thunderstorms.
What may happen?
    A lot of rain is expected to fall in a short period of time, meaning that flash flooding may occur in parts of Rabat, making it difficult or impossible to move from one place to another, especially on the road.
   Storm gusts are currently expected to sweep through the city together with the rain – these may send things flying from balconies or rooftops, which can be potentially dangerous. There is also the chance that branches and / or trees may fall, which could also damage / block the tram lines.
   In the case of thunderstorms, the weather phenomena (i.e. the rain and wind) may be intensified.
How likely is it to happen?
   As of now, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty regarding the exact intensity and time. What can be said is that tonight is expected to be rainy and windy. There is currently an 85% chance that the rain will be quite intense for one or two hours. It can also be said that it will be windy in the evening, and that there is a chance of around 75% of storm gusts exceeding 75km/h, and around 60% chance of gusts over 90km/h.
    As of now, this front is predicted to arrive between 6 and 7:30pm, with the peak being about 1 to 1.5 hours after the arrival of the front. Most of the rain should be gone by 9:30pm.
What to do?
   You’ll probably want to stay indoors anyway.
PLEASE NOTE that there is always uncertainty when predicting the weather, and nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. I wrote this email solely for information purposes and out of personal interest and, although having made the forecast to the best of my abilities, do not take any responsibility for its correctness or any actions that are taken as a result. Cheers!
New information will be posted at www.milk-weather.org!

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